The Onion Made An Ad For A Three Wheeled Car — It's As Politically Correct As Trump

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When Elio Motors, the makers of the crowd-funded three-wheeled car better known for its fenders falling off wanted to make a car ad, they turned to a rather unusual ad maker.

The Onion Ad For Elio Motors

Elio Motors enlisted the help of American satirist newspaper, the Onion, and the results are brilliant. The Onion's ad for Elio is as slick as any other commercial around.

The Onion Ad For Elio Motors

However, in true Onion style, it is so funny that you trying to avoid throwing your lunch back out because you've been laughing so hard.

The ad is as politically correct as a certain mop-head presidential candidate who wants to build a wall somewhere and you barely even notice the car.

The Onion Ad For Elio Motors

The ad sees two men, one in a red (Republican Party) shirt and the other in a Blue (Democratic) shirt having an argument.

The duo makes numerous politically inappropriate jokes and then battles it for the driver's seat with a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors .

Your attention is so drawn to the arguing actors that you barely even notices Elio's claims about their three-wheeled car thing.

Have a Look At the ad for yourself in the video below.

We can't wait for what this crazy Elio-Onion ad campaign brings to us next.

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