Dutch Duo Build Wooden Bike That Runs On Pond Scum — The Fuel Of The Future?

Two friends from the Holland have developed a unique wooden bike. What makes the wooden bike special is the fact that the engine runs on oil extracted from algae.

Dutch Duo Build A Wooden Bike That Is Fueled By Algae

Dutch designer Ritsert Mans developed the unique motorcycle wit the help of his friend, a scientist by the name of Peter Mooij, who invented a way to grow algae and use it as biofuel. The oil extracted from Algae is considered to be a green alternative to fossil fuels.

Dutch Duo Build A Wooden Bike That Is Fueled By Algae

The chassis and the body of the bike designed and built by Mans are made from wood and the bike sports unique features like a single sided front end. Mooji grew the Algae on saltwater, so when the bike was finally completed the duo decided to test the bike on a beach.

Dutch Duo Build A Wooden Bike That Is Fueled By Algae

This is not the first time that oil harvested from Algae has been used to power motorcycles. In 2012, Kristian Gustavson an alumni of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in California along with team member Devin Chatterjie set speed records at the Texas Mile using Algae-derived fuel.

Dutch Duo Build A Wooden Bike That Is Fueled By Algae

Gustavson achieved a speed of 152.2km/h (94.6mph) while using a 50-50 blend of biodiesel derived from algae and cooking oil waste while Chatterjie used 100 percent algae-derived Green Crude diesel supplied by Sapphire Energy to hit a speed of 154.8km/h (96.2mph). the duo used a turbo-charged, 800cc diesel engined motorcycle that was manufactured in Holland.

The wooden bike, on the other hand, was developed by Mans and Mooji as an accompaniment to Mooji's book "De Dikke Alg" or "The Thick Algae", which examines how algae could be used as fuel in a sustainable future.


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Article Published On: Thursday, May 18, 2017, 15:40 [IST]
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