Dubai Police Go Hybrid With New BMW i8

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Fancy cars that are being used for a purpose means it has to be the Dubai police force. It is one police department that owns almost every exotic supercar that has been manufactured, and don't mind showing off their collection to the world.

The Dubai police force have fast supercars like Ferrari's, exclusive and limited edition cars like the Aston Martin One-77, superfast road legal car like the Bugatti Veyron, and the latest addition-the BMW i8.

This latest hybrid from the German carmaker is powered by a 1499 cc, 3-cylinder, Petrol Engine and an electric motor, that produces a combined power of 357 bhp, 570 Nm of torque, and returns a fuel economy of 47.45 kmpl.

Although it might look like the most economical police car, the car is used for promotion purpose only and not to actually chase down felons and make the streets of Dubai look like a scene from Need For Speed's Most Wanted.

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