Dubai Police Leave It To The 'Supervisor' To Take care Of Violations

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Dubai has always been ahead in terms of technology, be it cars or monitoring everyday traffic. Now, Dubai has come up with a sophisticated camera system, called the 'Supervisor' to keep traffic violators in check.

The Supervisor will be installed in over 70 locations to keep track of traffic violations such as over speeding, not following lane discipline, driving on the hard shoulder, and not following rules at intersections.

If the camera detects a violation, it will automatically take a photograph of the vehicle, while also identifying the vehicle's colour, make, model, and registration number, along with the violation without the help of a human.

The Supervisor is designed to look out for wanted vehicles and if it does identify one, it will automatically notify the command centre. Details regarding the vehicle's location will also be notified to patrol cars in the area, making it easy to nab the culprits.

So will such a system help India? Definitely yes! It's time India relies on such technology to keep a check on traffic violations. This would also help bring down corruption in the system, since there are no humans involved.

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