Supercars To Jetpacks — Dubai Has It All Now!

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The Dubai police are well known for its fleet of ultra-exclusive supercars. Now, the Dubai Civil Defence Department has signed a deal with Martin Aircraft Company Limited for intended future delivery of manned and unmanned Jetpacks.

Dubai will initially buy 20 jetpacks and two simulators, as well as initial training services and operational support. The jetpacks that Dubai has bought could hit the market by 2016. The jetpacks can fly as high as 3,000 feet at a speed of 46mph (74km/h) for 30 minutes. The Martin Jetpacks can also carry a payload of 120kg.

This is the perfect vehicle for the fire department to save lives of people from tall buildings. Another added advantage is that the jetpacks can take off and land vertically, and also operate in confined places because of its size.

The deal for jetpacks between Martin Aircraft Company and the Dubai Civil Defence Department was signed on November 9, 2015, at the Dubai Air Show.

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