Three Drivers Survive Massive Crash - Video

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When American Formula 3 racing driver Ryan Tveter spun off in the final stages of the race at the Red Bull Ring, he would never have dreamed about the nightmare that unfolded as he came back on track.

Tveter's teammate Peter Li Zhi Cong came haring down the turn and found his car flying through the air and slammed into the gravel after crashing into the back of his fellow Carlin Racing driver.

Immediately after Peter Li went flying, Tveter was swiped by another car driven by Pedro Piquet who found himself flying into the tyre trap.

Piquet got out of his car uninjured, but the Carlin Racing drivers were not in that good a shape. Tveter required medical attention but was in good shape afterwards.

However, Peter Li, who was knocked unconscious by the crash was flown to the hospital where it was discovered that he had four fractured vertebrae and a shattered heel.

Thankfully, he is better now but will require surgery. Peter and Tviter though did manage to pose for a photo at Peter's bedside to show that everything was better now.

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