Driver Jumps Out Of Moving Bus, Causes Massive Crash

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A bus driver in Delhi who jumped out of his bus as it was moving caused a massive 11 vehicle pileup in the country's capital.

The 'Cluster Bus' crashed into a biker and fearing that he may have crushed the biker, the driver jumped out of the bus as it moved down a flyover.

delhi bus crash

The biker amazingly managed to escape with only minor injuries as the impact of the crash threw him out of harm's way.

The driverless bus continued down the flyover and crashed into a Maruti Suzuki Wagon R smashing it out of its path before it crashed into the back of what appears to be a Swift or Swift Dzire, crushing the back end of the car and ramming it into the vehicles ahead of it.

Thankfully, the crash didn't result in any deaths despite the insane pileup it caused. Two bikers and two other people including the driver of the smashed up Wagon R were hospitalized with minor injuries.

The driver of the Wagon R must be thanking his lucky stars as the impact forced him to jump out of his car, which ended up smashing up a few more vehicles.

The errant driver who caused the incident has been identified by the police and is expected to be arrested soon to face criminal charges for the massive crash.   

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