Deadline For 20 Percent Ethanol Blended Petrol Is Now 2023 In India: Here Is Why!

The Indian Government has forwarded the deadline to achieve 20 per cent ethanol-blended petrol to 2023. According to the official notification from the government, the target date has been forwarded to help reduce India's dependency on costly oil imports.

The deadline to achieve 20 per cent ethanol-blended petrol was initially set at 2030. Earlier this year, the government moved the deadline to the year 2025. However, in its latest notification, the Indian Government directs oil companies to start 20 per cent ethanol-blended petrol from 2023.

According to the PTI statement, the Oil Ministry said, "The Central Government hereby directs that the oil companies shall sell ethanol-blended petrol with a percentage of ethanol up to 20 per cent as per the Bureau of Indian Standards specifications, in the whole of the States and union territories. This Notification shall come into force with effect from the 1st April 2023."

India is the world's third-highest oil importer. Around 85% of the demand for petroleum products are currently being met through imports. The government aims to reduce the dependency on imports, which will also help decrease fuel prices in the country.

In the current ethanol supply year, the Indian government aims to achieve 10 per cent ethanol-blended petrol. This would require 4 billion litres of ethanol to achieve the target mixing ratio.

However, to achieve a 20 per cent ethanol-blended gasoline, oil companies will require 10 billion litres of ethanol. Ethanol is a by-product produced in industries processing sugar. They will divert 6 million tonnes of surplus sugar to produce 7 billion litres of ethanol. The remaining quantity to achieve the 20 per cent mix will be sourced from excess grain.

Additionally, on the occasion of World Environment Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate three E100 ethanol dispensing fuel stations in Pune. This is in line with the pilot project by the Indian Government to promote the use of ethanol-blended petrol.

Thoughts About The Deadline For 20 Percent Ethanol Blended Petrol Is Now 2023 In India

The fuel prices in India is at an all-time high with petrol crossing the Rs 100 per litre mark. In order to reduce the rising prices of petroleum products, the government has forwarded the deadline for 20 per cent ethanol-blended petrol in India. This will also help reduce the dependency on oil imports as the ethanol is manufactured In India.

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Article Published On: Saturday, June 5, 2021, 12:31 [IST]
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