Custom Line Navetta Superyacht Sinks Just Off Coast!

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There have been many exotic cars that have been crashed and demolished that belong to people who love to spend on exotic automobiles.

Although these pop up on the internet now and then, not many come up about their super expensive yachts or boats.

The most recent news is about a Custom Line Navetta Super Yacht that sank just off the shore of Mykonos.

There are no clear details as to what made this 33 meter yacht to go under, but what is for sure is that all occupants made it out unharmed.

By the looks of it, repairing the Yacht and reusing it again seems highly impossible, but it will surely be recovered and will make it back to the shore safe.

Extent of damage? The Custom Line Navetta 33 costs in excess of USD 7 million!

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