Crash Victims To Be Helped By Passersby Or Face Jail Time

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Several accidents are caused on Indian roads and a high number of them are fatal. On an average 400 individuals pass away owing to road accident in the sub-continent. Roughly, 1.46 lakh Indians were killed in road related accidents in 2015.

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Majority of deaths occur either on the spot or due to poor support from fellow drivers and passersby. In a few cases inadequate to no medical assistance is provided to accident victims. Individuals are scared and refrain from getting involved in helping the victims.

Now the Indian Government, along with Traffic officials have decided to address this issue. Passersby will either be fined if caught not helping an accident victim. They could also face serious jail time or even both if the officials decide.

For not assisting accident victims, drivers could face a fine up to Rs. 2,000. If he has to face jail time, a maximum punishment of six months can be applied. We believe, that everyone should take this seriously, we do not need a fine to help someone, it is basic humanity to help another individual in need.

Other fines have also been increased in the country with a maximum fine of Rs. 10,000 or jail time of two years. Suspension of license on the spot has also been approved for various offenses. The fines and rules are being modified so that driving etiquettes improve in India.


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