Cobra Gets In A BMW Car: Viral Video Shows The Snake Creating Panic In Tamil Nadu

TAMIL NADU: A cobra snake ended up in a BMW car. In a viral video, a cobra is seen being pulled out from a BMW 3 Series 320d GT. It took quite a while for the snake handler to pull out the cobra from the car, at a BMW service station in Madhurai, Tamil Nadu.

Apparently, the car ran over the cobra while it was travelling to Madhurai for a wedding function. The two businessmen inside the car thought the snake was killed or left injured. But little did they know that the cobra would end up in the car!

When the snake came in the BMW sedan's cabin, the passengers panicked, but managed to pull over the car to a side. They called fire services immediately but they couldn't find the snake inside. When the BMW service centre was contacted, the response was that "not even an ant could enter" the car. They were true and no ant got inside the car, but a cobra.

The businessmen continued their journey, after which the snake made yet another advent in the car. Deciding not to take any more risks, the car was somehow brought down to a BMW service centre.

The staff at the BMW service centre tried to beat the snake out, but failed. Finally, a professional snake handler was called and this is where the video shared by The News Minute starts.

The video clearly shows the snake handler grabbing the cobra in the BMW by its tail. He even advised the onlookers to give him space and not disturb him with all the phone cameras and noise. Not being successful still, he asked the BMW staff to help him remove the bumper, while he grabs hold of the snake's tail.

Finally, the six-foot cobra was pulled out and the panicked reptile landed on the floor. The snake handler, Mr Sanjai, managed to calm it down and set it free into the wild at a later stage.

cobra snake in bmw car

Thoughts On Cobra Getting Inside A BMW

We just cannot imagine what the passengers in the BMW would have gone through when they suddenly saw a snake (that too, a hissing cobra) inside, while driving. Things could've ended really badly, had it not been the passengers' quick thought and of course, the skill of the snake handler. What is the craziest thing you have found inside a car? We are sure that it won't be a cobra!

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Article Published On: Saturday, November 10, 2018, 20:01 [IST]
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