Truck Driver Crashes A 1965 Ford Mustang — Video

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What's worse than crashing a classic 1965 Ford Mustang? Watching the vehicle crash. That's what the below incident is about. How hard can it be to drive a car up a ramp? Well, the answer is harder than it looks like.

The video below shows the driver lining up a classic Ford Mustang to load into a truck. The car is aligned right and the driver breaks no sweat getting started, but as soon as the rear wheels come in contact with the metal ramp, it loses traction.

The car slides off the ramp and hits the truck's wall, surely damaging the right rear quarter panel of the car, along with the under-side of the classic automobile. The fix will be expensive, but the man standing and watching the whole thing happen and his reaction towards the end is, well, open for comments.

The Ford Mustang is a desirable car, and the latest edition increases the factor. Below is an image gallery of the latest Ford Mustang.

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Story first published: Friday, February 10, 2017, 13:02 [IST]
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