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China Completes Successful Waste Cooking Oil-Fuelled Passenger Flight

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So you've cooked your pooris and are stuck with that used cooking oil? It need not necessarily go down the drain, as China has just showed the world. Hainan Airlines has just completed a successful flight from Shanghai to Beijing with a ‘gutter oil'-fuelled airplane.

Now how or why those 156 passengers on the flight braved this test flight we'll probably never know, but we're glad everyone's safe and sound after the waste cooking oil-fuelled aeroplane realised this startling achievement.

Discarded cooking oil, or ‘gutter oil' is a cause for plenty of worry in China, as collectors are known to collect this oil and re-sell it, which worryingly finds its way back into the homes and restaurants. China is also known for huge consumption of fossil fuels which translates to high levels of pollution.

Thus, the success of this flight could translate into such biofuel application across the airline industry, which can greatly reduce carbon emissions. This is especially pertinent to China, given that the country will face a requirement of 6,000 new planes over the next 20 years, given the high demand for air travel.

The fuel consisted of a 50-50 mix of waste cooking oil and conventional aviation fuel, and was supplied by China National Aviation Fuel group and Sinopec, a state-owned oil and gas company.

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