Finally There's A Solution For Carbon Fiber Reusability

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Carbon fiber is a perfect material to be used in high-performance cars. Because of its unique property of, being strong and light, it's being vastly used by car makers. The only downside of carbon fiber is, cost, it's expensive and had no way of reusing the old material till now. But now the process to recycle carbon fiber has been cracked.

Researchers at Georgia Tech have found a way to recycle carbon fiber. They discovered that they could dissolve the epoxy holding carbon fiber together. This is done by, soaking a piece of carbon fiber in the alcohol solvent. After it gets dissolved, the carbon fiber and epoxy can be separated, and it can be used again.

Carbon Fiber Can Be Recycled.

The research team states that there is no limit for the size of carbon fiber piece, that can be dissolved in the alcohol solution. This method will reduce, thousands of tons of carbon fiber waste produced every year.

Now, only time will tell, if reusing carbon fiber can have any impact on the cost of carbon fiber. But it's a good progress achieved.

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