Thieves Now Fancy The Logos Of Luxury Cars

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Sometimes, the smallest theft can be the most annoying, like the logo of the car missing. Mangalore is now witnessing thieves stealing monograms of luxury cars like BMW, Audi, and Mercedes.

Stolen monograms from cars have left car owners frustrated and the police claim that such thefts could be carried by youngsters, who are looking for a way to make easy money.

The Mercedes dealership in Mangalore say that they receive requests for two to three logos every month. Audi receives around 25 to 30 requests a year for their logos, and BMW receives around four to five a month.

Volkswagen is another brand that is a victim of missing logos. The dealership receives requests for around 15 to 20 replacement logos every month. Majority of these logos are held in place by an adhesive, thus making it easy for thieves to yank them out.

So the next time you take your car out, make sure the logo is in its place when you get home.


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