Car Detailing For Beginners - A Step By Step Guide

Car detailing can make your car look like a brand new car. However, a car detailing service can be a little expensive. In this article, we will help you detail your car with a simple step-by-step guide.

Car Detailing For Beginners

Before starting car detailing, you will require a bucket of water, a few microfiber cloths, wash mitten, car shampoo, clay bar, polish, car wax, applicator pads, tyre shine, and a hose.

Car Detailing For Beginners

Wash Your Car Thoroughly

Before you start detailing, you must wash your car thoroughly. This is a very crucial step as this lays the foundation for the next steps. Moreover, any dirt left could hamper the entire detailing process.

For this, you should initially hose the car and then use the car shampoo and wash mitten to properly clean the car or you can simply follow this link to properly wash your car

Car Detailing For Beginners

Clay Bar

Clay bar is a fantastic detailing tool and this tool should not be mistaken for moulding clay. The clay bar is generally available in three different varieties - Fine, Medium and Aggressive. However, we recommend you to use the Fine or Medium grade. These clay bars are also available with a microfiber cloth on the back side.

After washing the car, gently rub the clay bar on the surface of the car. This will remove any dirt and grime build-up on the surface. It is also worth mentioning that the clay bar should not be rubbed dry and should always be rubbed with soapy water.

Car Detailing For Beginners


Polish is an abrasive compound and we recommend polish only on lightly scratched surfaces. If necessary, then use a microfiber applicator to apply the polish and gently buff the surface using a circular motion. This will remove minor scratches as the polish levels the clearcoat surface.

Car Detailing For Beginners

Car Wax

Good car wax can easily protect your car for more than 2 months. Moreover, it is difficult for dirt and grit to adhere to the car's body when it is waxed. It is worth noting that applying car wax panel-by-panel.

For waxing, use the applicator to gently rub the wax on the car's body panel and a gentle circular rubbing motion should be followed while doing so. After the wax has dried, use a microfiber cloth to wipe off the excess wax from the body surface. This will give astonishing results.

Car Detailing For Beginners

Tyre Shine

Spray the tyre shine on the side walls of the tyre and use an old microfiber cloth to rub off the excess tyre shine from the tyre. It is important to leave the tyre shine for a few minutes before rubbing off the excess compound. You can also control the gloss of the tyre by the amount of rubbing.

Car Detailing For Beginners

Thoughts About Car Detailing

Car detailing done by a professional is definitely worth the money. However if done properly, the same levels of shine and gloss can be achieved at a fraction of the cost. Moreover, the materials you purchase will last for more than a few detailing sessions.

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Article Published On: Tuesday, July 19, 2022, 17:30 [IST]
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