An Accident Video From China Leaves Everyone Puzzled After A Cycle Heavily Damages A Car’s Bumper

A shocking accident video from China took over the internet by storm last week. In what essentially is a rather mild accident between a bicycle and a car, things have taken a slight twist on the damage front. The Toyota Corolla's front bumper was completely damaged by the surprisingly intact bicycle.

Many have their doubts as to whether the video footages and images shared by CGTN were indeed true, and not some fancy computer gimmick. Online forums have raised a lot of questions regarding the accident and some folks have even shared their interest to buy the bicycle (obviously as part of the joke).

The collision was the cyclist's fault as per witnesses and the Chinese police. The cyclist, for reasons known to him only, was pedalling against the oncoming traffic. The car seems to have been coming out from the parking lot while the cyclist came at a rapid pace.

Luckily, the cyclist suffered only minor injuries after billing the car driver with a new bumper. In all probability, the owner of the Toyota Corolla would have gotten insurance coverage as well.

Car-Cycle Accident In China

At least some of us might initially blame the car for its low build quality and praise the bicycle's superior engineering. However, there is nothing abnormal in this event.

Modern-car bumpers are designed to absorb a good amount of impact force, in the event of an accident. In addition to keeping the passengers safe, the bendability or flexibility of car bumpers also helps reduce pedestrian casualties. Even though this is not the most effective safety feature, it does help curb down the outcome of a road accident.

In this regard, the bumper has done its duty well and has lessened the collision force of the bicycle. But needless to say, a good majority would only think otherwise.

Car-Cycle Accident In China

Thoughts On The Surprising Outcome Of A Car-Bicycle Collision

As mentioned before, there is a logical explanation as to how this has happened — the robust steel rim has crumbled the flexible fibre front bumper — nothing peculiar about it. However, the internet army has targetted the poor Corolla and some keyboard warriors had no problem blaming the engineering of the legendary Japanese automotive brand.

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Article Published On: Tuesday, January 8, 2019, 18:32 [IST]

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