BMW M4 Tries To Fit In

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German luxury car manufacturer also builds performance vehicles which is symbolised with a M badge. They have recently launched their latest M4 globally which has been the talk of the town. BMW usually names their vehicles with an odd number.

The M4 has joined the BMW family as its very new member. In the video below German automobile manufacturer tries to portray how the M4 is trying to fit in with all the other vehicles. There are 37 other M-Series vehicles that the M4 is drifting around.

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The M4 sports a 3.0-litre, six-cylinder M TwinPower Turbo engine. The German engineered engine will put out 431 horsepower along with, 550 Nm of peak torque. BMW has used lightweight materials like carbon-fibre and other materials to make it lighter than its predecessors.

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In our video of the day check the new BMW M4 Coupe drifting through a wide range of M Series vehicles. Lets us know in the comments below what you think of BMW's new supercar?

Video: BMW M4 Tries To Fit In!

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