Video: BMW i3 Pushed Around By A 7 Year Old Kid

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BMW has recently entered into the electric car segment. The German manufacturer has manufactured its first small electric vehicle ‘i3'. The vehicle has to be lightweight as it does not have an internal combustion engine.

The BMW i3 can achieve a top speed of 150 kph, while providing a range of 130 kilometres once fully charged. The German engineered electric motor produces 170 horsepower, along with 250 Nm of peak torque.

The electric vehicle ways only 1,195 kilograms, including its lithium-ion battery. The German luxury car manufacturer has provided this vehicle with low-resistance rolling tyres. In all, it is a light-weight car and BMW has intentionally made it this way.

BMW i3 is so lightweight that in our video of the day, we have a seven year old boy pushing it with ease. The electric vehicle is on a level surface and we do not think that this kid has supernatural strength. More cars should be made this light to increase their power to weight ratio.

The German manufacturer does not offer its i3 in India currently. It is on sale in most developed markets of the world and is priced at INR 25,31,240. These costs do not include the deductions provided by the government for using an electric vehicle.

Video: BMW i3 Pushed Around By A 7 Year Old Kid!

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