BMW Ignore Car Complaint; Owner Escapes With His Life!

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There have been many circumstances when a car owner complains about something not right about the car and the authorised service centre says it's nothing to worry. Technicians even say they will check the car but in reality don't.

Such complaints usually don't end up in a very bad situation, but sometimes they can be life threatening. One good example is Mr. Yoheeswaran Nallaswami, who encountered a life threatening situation in his BMW 3 Series.

While running, the car's suspension gave way and the front right suspension completely gave way. Luckily, nobody was hurt, but that is an experience that won't be forgotten soon. The pictures speak louder than words.

Mr. Yoheeswaran says he had repeatedly complained to BMW about suspension issue and it was ignored by the company people. He decided to put up the pictures on Facebook and said in his status: "BMW Buy more worries. Repeated warning of suspension problem ignored by the company people. Lucky to have escaped without injuries. Hopeless customer care."

We only hope carmakers and especially BMW learnt a valuable lesson after the life threatening experience Mr. Yoheeswaran had.

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