Bikers Stop Highway Traffic To Save Dog’s Life

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Roadkill is a common phrase in several countries that have long highways. Usually animals lose track of where they are and stumble out on highways and roads. Most people driving down these roads are travelling at high speeds and it is impossible to stop if anything comes in their way.

In our video of the day, we have a dog that decides to take a stroll out on the road. This dog seems lucky for a while as a few bikers stop and decide to help the animal. It is dangerous to stop in the middle of the highway, adding to it is the drama of getting the canine out of harm's way.

Check our video of the day to see whether the dog survives his run on the highway or does something weird happen to the bikers? We won't tell you the outcome of this story, you will have to see our video of the day to find the end result.

Video Of The Day: Bikers Stop Highway Traffic To Save Dog's Life!

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