Bharat Bandh? No Worries — Here’s The Secret How DriveSpark Brings Your Favourite Auto News To You

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The nation wide bandh is ongoing and many places remain shut. Public transport has been affected and people in various cities around the country have been left helpless due to this.

But incase if anybody is wondering how DriveSpark is managing to keep readers updated with auto related stories on such a day, well, we have the DriveSpark Wagon handy.

Bharat Bandh And How News Flows — Secret Revealed

The DriveSpark Wagon is a mere Bolero with aftermarket tyres and a few mod jobs on the outside, but what really matters is the inside. The DriveSpark Wagon is a WiFi addict's paradise since connectivity is taken care by #RelianceJio. It is a hotspot that is able to connect multiple devices at the same time.

Bharat Bandh And How News Flows — Secret Revealed

So all the team has to do is connect to the humble Bolero's network and start working. Connectivity is stable and the best way to bring breaking news to the people is to be there! If the office has to shut down for a day, no frets — just connect to the network in the vehicle and keep working.

Bharat Bandh And How News Flows — Secret Revealed

The only possible way to make all this work flow smooth is teamwork and we at DriveSpark have that going strong. The dedicated team is always up and ready for action, no matter where it is. Dedication to work is more important than the location of work!

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