Bengaluru Artist Brings Crocodile To Protest Against Authorities

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Residents of Bengaluru were in for a surprise this morning as everyone made their way to work. As a crocodile was found in one of the huge potholes on the street Sultanpalya Main road in north Bengaluru.

Okay, it was not a real crocodile but a very well made replica. The idea behind this whole story was to show how big a crater was on the main road and how it creates problems for travellers.

bengaluru crocodile

The almost real Crocodile on streets of Bengaluru was approximately 12 feet long. This road artwork was created by Baadal Nanjundaswamy, an artist from the city of Bengaluru.

Aim was to gain attention of civic officials to come and see the state of this piece of road. The artist was surprised that more people appreciated his creation, however, it did not attract civic officials.

bengaluru crocodile

We wonder if more people would take inspiration from this and protest in a more artistic manner.

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