Manic Crowds Chase Down India's First McLaren — Desi Carspotting + Supercar = Insanity

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A few days back, the first-ever McLaren owned by an Indian finally laid its tyres on Indian tarmac. The McLaren in question is a Memphis Red McLaren 720S owned by Bangalore businessman Ranjit Sundaramurthy.

The red McLaren 720S recently took to the streets of Bangalore, and it would seem that every Bangalorean present on the streets chased after the British supercar, like mad bulls trying to gore a bullfighter.

The owner of the 720S showed off the car's accelerative prowess (0-100kph in 2.9 seconds) as he pushed all 710bhp and 770Nm of torque onto the streets of Bangalore, mostly to escape or sometimes enthrall the throngs of car spotters who must have reached Nirvana seeing the McLaren sprint past them.

The McLaren mania on the streets of the Garden city continued unabated especially at busy intersections and on potholed streets (we hope Mr. Sundaramurthy's back is ok) with everyone from the average bike-riding Joe with his trusty phone camera to youngsters with DSLRs strapped around their necks eyeballing the 720S.

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While the manic crowds chasing the McLaren look like a horde of fans chasing after one of the khans of Bollywood, they do so in a rather unsafe manner, similar to scenes we saw in London with a Bugatti Chiron a few days ago.

We agree with the Mclaren owners words about the situation on his Instagram account asking people to be safe while trying to get a shot of his pride and joy.

With our nation's accident rate hitting crazy numbers every year, we don't need another one happening while one of the fastest cars in the nation zooms past in a bid to please its lovestruck followers.

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