Rocket Powered Aussie Invader 5R Takes Aim At The Land Speed Record

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Australia is aiming to upstage the United Kingdom's Bloodhound SSC's attempt to become the first vehicle to reach 1000mph (1609.34km/h) and claim the land speed record by using the rocket powered vehicle known as the Aussie Invader R5.

The Aussie Invader R5 will be powered by a rocket that produces 2,00,000hp (1,97,264bhp) and consumes 2.8 tonnes of fuel in 25 seconds with the throttle pedal mashed into the floor. With that much power, the Aussie Invader R5 will do the 0–1000mph (1609.34km/h) sprint in just 20 seconds.

The whole vehicle itself weighs in at 9.2 tonnes. The Invader R5 is almost 16 metres long and sits on four aerospace grade aluminium wheels that weigh 140 kilograms each. When the Invader R5 reaches its top speed these wheels are spinning 10,000 times per minute.

Once the Invader R5 completes the measured mile it must come to a stop by gradually turning off its engine to avoid the effects of massive negative g forces on both the Aussie Invader R5 and its pilot Australian land speed record holder Rosco McGlashan.

The Australian team is still investigating possible sites for the world record attempt. The Aussie Invader R5 needs around 27 kilometers to reach its 1,000mph target.

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