Audi Deploys Innovative Robots To Remotely Diagnose Vehicle Problems

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Audi has launched its innovative technical support program called Audi Robotic Telepresence (ART). ART enables Audi Technical Service teams to interact and converse with technicians at local dealerships, even while physically being in a different location.This program is currently available only at certain dealerships in the U.S.A

If the dealer has a Telepresence robot, it will assist the mechanic to work with them as if the remote user is standing shoulder to shoulder with the mechanic. A Borescope attached to the unit will enable the remote operator to further inspect the difficult-to-reach engine components.

A great level of service precision can be achieved by the implementation of this technology. The ART technology enables the company to provide quicker repairs, fewer repeat requests for help, and better communication of technical concerns from the field to the factory. These ultimately lead to higher customer satisfaction, more loyal customers, and of course more vehicle sales.

The VGo robots will use the ART user interface system which is programmed uniquely to meet Audi specifications for optimal dealership technical use. It has a screen and a camera where a human face would be, allowing the remote user to see what's in front of it and enabling people near the robot to see the remote user's face. Audi of America expects to have ART units in 100 dealers across the U.S by the end of 2016.

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