What Happens When Audi R18 e-tron Goes Head To Head With Eurofighter Typhoon? Read On To Know More

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Audi R18 e-tron is one of the most sophisticated and technically advanced race cars ever on the earth. It runs on hybrid diesel and electric powertrain. It has four-wheel-drive and much more computer technology than Audi's road cars combined together. It has won the classic Le Mans race three times and grabbed the World Endurance Championship two times.

On the other hand, Eurofighter Typhoon is the most advanced fighter plane you can find on this planet. It's powered by two Eurojet EJ200 engines, which generates a massive power of 40.460 pounds of thrust. Its got more computer tech than a space shuttle, and can reach a top speed of Mach 2, that's 2,494km/h, while carrying eight tons of cargo, being mainly weapons.

So, the Audi Technology Magazine thought of bringing these modern marvels together for a comparison, or say a test. Behind the wheel of the R18 e-tron was, triple Le Mans winner Andre Lotterer, and the man flying the Eurofighter Typhoon was Geri Krahenbuhl.They swapped each others cockpit, and were astonished by the difference. Krahenbuhl was surprised by the size of e-tron's cockpit.

Equally, Lotterer was left confused by the advanced cockpit of the fighter jet. He said the instrument cluster itself is so confusing, and the main difference is it moves in three dimensions. He also said that for a guy with pilot licence it will be familiar, but he has not got one.

The Eurofighter consists of three display screens plus a head on display. The main controls are equipped in control a column, and the cockpit is full of switches.

Whereas in the Audi, all the main controls are centralised on the steering wheel itself, clutch and shifter paddles too. It comes with four display units, including one for rear view camera too.

Both the machines are from opposite end of the world for both, driver and pilot. But the two machines are the result of extreme engineering and complicated technology. Both, the pilot and driver have the same skill levels to tame these machines, if at all they seem to be confused with anything, they won't take time to change their field of interest.

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