After Driverless Cars, It's Time For A Ride In The Sky

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After driverless cars took the center stage in the automobile industry, French aviation firm Airbus has gone a step further and said it will be testing a autonomous flying cars as early as next year. The flying cars are expected to hit the skies in a decade.

As the traffic vows in cities reaches a new high, we are forced to look into alternative and efficient mode of transportation. So Airbus has come up with a unique solution - why not take the cars to the sky?

Airbus Autonomous Flying Car

The base vehicle which will be used in this project is Vahana, developed by A3, which was planned to be used for transportation of cargo and individual passengers. But the base frame for the flying car is yet to be built. As of now, flying drones without a pilot is prohibited around the world.

Trabel, a kick starter company in collaboration with Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, is working on a project called Skyways, an autonomous drone that will be used in the National University of Singapore to transport cargo.

Vahana project head, Rodin Lyasoff said, "Many of the technologies needed, such as batteries, motors, and avionics are most of the way there."

"However, the detection and avoidance systems needed for an aircraft to operate autonomously are well behind those already in use in cars. That's one of the bigger challenges we aim to resolve as early as possible."

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