Airbus A380 Lands On A Square Tyre, Baffles Experts

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When British Airways flight BA-32 (an Airbus A380) landed at London's Heathrow airport after its long journey from Hong Kong, the airline's engineers went to work to fix one of the tyres which had apparently deflated when it ascended over the skies of Hong Kong.

What the engineers found is probably the craziest deflated wheel of all time. The right outboard tyre of the Airbus A380 had deflated on four corners rather than the usual puncture at the bottom. This quad puncture lead to the wheel assuming the squarish shape you see above.

The square wheel has left many puzzled but aviation safety expert Kumar Mysore from the Royal Aeronautical Society may just have the answer.

Mysore spoke to the Daily Mail explaining what happened, "The deflated tyre would have been round when the aircraft touched down, it would not have rotated on four square edges as the picture would have us believe. The round wheel would have rotated on the flat ground, with the deflated tyre wobbling around the wheel. The tyre has taken this shape after the aircraft came to a halt."

British Airways confirmed the incident but stated that the tyre had been replaced and that the A380 was back in service.

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