Cargo Ship Carrying Over 1200 Luxury Cars Stranded

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A cargo ship carrying 1400 vehicles has been grounded off the Isle of Wight. The ship, carrying goods and cars worth millions was grounded deliberately by the ship's crew for reasons unknown.

The Hoegh Osaka car transporter began its journey in the Port of Southampton on Saturday evening, carrying 1,200 cars made by Jaguar Land Rover, 65 Mini's and around 60 to 70 construction equipment.

A spokesperson for Jaguar Land Rover had confirmed 1,200 cars that belonged to them and JCB too confirmed that they had 105 construction equipment.

The Mini's that are onboard the Singapore based car carrier sell for approximately 20,000 pounds each.

The ship's crew were rescued safely while the ship is laying anchored at a 45 degree angle, which is dangerous.

Investigations as to what really happened to the ship is underway and officials are working on a way to refloat this 51,000 tonne vessel. There is no way the ship had trouble with overloading because the ship was carrying only 1,400 cars and some construction equipment, while she can carry almost 5,400 cars.

The main worry about the ship is that it still has 500 tonnes of fuel onboard, which might leak into the English Channel if officials are not careful.

As for the cars onboard the ship, damage is definite solely because of the angle the ship is in. The extent of damage is what needs to be looked at.

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