Heading Out Of Country? Pack Your Indian Driving License Too

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Looking to travel for leisure or on business? And you want to drive in the country that you are visiting. Here is a list of 10 countries which accept Indian Driving License to drive a car.

The United Kingdom

You can travel in the UK with your Indian Driving License which is valid for a maximum of one year. So you need to not depend on public transport or hire a taxi the next time you visit the UK. Rent a car and drive around the beautiful country of UK.


If you are staying there and have an authentic IDP (International Driving Permit), you have the access to drive a car, however, please note, your passport should be in English and the IDP is a must.

The United States Of America

Here too the IDP is a must in case your license in one of the local languages, you can, however, use the license for one year.


With the Indian License you can drive around in a car in Germany for six months, if your license in one of the local languages, you can get it translated through the embassy.


In the beautiful country with the best scenic locales, anyone is allowed to use the Indian driving license to drive a car and is valid for a year.


This tiny island nation has some of the best beaches, if you are looking to drive a car there, the Indian license is a welcome for a year.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a land of adventure activities, and if you are looking to use the Indian License, then you will be restricted to the kind of vehicle-based on your license validity.


You will need to convert your license to the French language only then you are allowed to drive around.


This is another country with some beautiful location for traveling, the Indian License can be used for a maximum of three months only.

South Africa

If your license is in English then you are allowed to drive around the country without any issues.

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Story first published: Wednesday, May 11, 2016, 19:00 [IST]
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