Lexus LS Pedestrian Detection System Testing By Consumer Reports

By Ganesh

The number of high-end cars equipped with active safety features have increased in recent years. Car makers like Volvo, BMW, Mercedes-Benz etc., have models equipped with intelligent features such as automatic braking systems.

However, people driving these cars still do not always trust the computer and sensors in their high-tech cars to all the work. Mostly because of some primitive institution deep within us. Nevertheless, that's for the good.

That's because these safety systems are still not perfect and are prone to make mistakes. Something that was proven by a test conducted by Consumer Reports (CR).

CR recently put a Lexus LS pedestrian detection system to test. The pedestrian was replaced by a dummy and the car was rolled at varying speeds. While at low speeds the system was reliable, as the car reached near the speed limit of the safety system, it's reliability decreased.

To put it in other words, the car crashed into the dummy before it came to a stop. Hence, until these technology are perfected it is only right then that we not rely on them totally and use them only as a secondary safety measure.

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Article Published On: Friday, June 13, 2014, 16:33 [IST]
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