Honda Unveil Their FCV Hydrogen Powered Concept Vehicle

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Japanese automobile giant Honda is always innovating and trying to improve its products for future use. Everyone knows that in the upcoming future vehicles will not run on fossil fuel. Most automobile manufacturers are working on their fuel cell powered vehicles.

On 17th of November, 2014 Honda Motor Co. Ltd. unveiled their FCV concept in Tokyo, Japan. The production model will bear similar resemblance to this concept. It will be available to people from March, 2016 in Japan first and will then be offered in Europe and United States.

Honda's goal is to make hydrogen powered vehicles the next big thing across the globe. Their aim is to achieve a CO2 free world for the coming future. The Japanese manufactures three main concepts, namely, Generate, Use and Get Connected with their FCV fuel cell vehicle.

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The FCV by Honda gets an electric motor, which is capable of generating 134 bhp of power. The Japanese manufacturer, however, has reduced its fuel stack size by almost 33 percent. They have increased the power density of the vehicle by over 60 percent.

Japanese engineers claim their FCV can re-fuelled by Hydrogen at their filling station in as little as three to five minutes. Honda is confident their hydrogen powered vehicle can go a distance of 482 kilometres. The fuel cell powertrain has been squeezed into the engine bay area.

Once Honda launch their FCV hydrogen powered vehicle in 2016, it will have competition. Toyota and Hyundai too will be ready with their fuel cell vehicles. Hyundai will be launching their ix35 fuel cell car, while Toyota have christened theirs as the Mirai.

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