The Self-Driving Cars Might Soon Speak Human

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Ever dreamed of owning a talking car? Sounds like science fiction right? But now, a company is here to develop a system to allow vehicles to communicate with pedestrians.

The idea comes from a company called the; they intend to create a system that allows the autonomous cars to interact with humans. believes that the people will not refrain to trust self-driving vehicles if they could communicate with the vehicle.

autonomous car artificial intelligence

The startup has thought beyond using turn signals and road markings. The company has already ditched the plan of using a conventional horn for its car. is looking to create a system that uses emoji and computer generated sounds to display what the vehicle is about to perform.

autonomous car artificial intelligence

The company will be looking to tackle situations where humans generally would flash their headlights, honk, turn on the hazard blinkers, or even hand gestures.

autonomous car artificial intelligence

Since most of these gestures are unique and hard to impersonate,
applying them on autonomous car technology was a near impossible task for

Reports suggest that the first prototype from will be a retrofit kit. The kit will be installed by the company and it would only be done for fleet companies such as Uber. has already received the license to test autonomous cars in California. They had accumulated $12 million last year to support the research and development.

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