Video: Watch This Jetta Driver Cruise Like A Boss On Three Wheels

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Admit it, we've all ignored a noise or a check-engine light in our cars. And sometimes when you're in that hurry to just get to your destination, and a warning light isn't going to stop you.

But what we have here is a little more intense than just a warning light.

We don't have much information about what's going on here, other than the obvious fact that this guy is driving his Jetta on a motorway with its front-wheel missing.

The video which was uploaded a while back on YouTube, doesn't reveal many details about the whole incident other than how fast he was going on three wheels - 120 Km/h.

From the look of things, the sedan has taken multiple impacts, and the front-left door has a massive dent on it.

But how was the car still running despite losing its wheel? We don't have many answers, we just hope no one was injured in this bizarre incident.

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