Volvo Buys Polestar; More Performance Models Planned

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Swedish carmaker Volvo has bought Polestar. The company now plans to extend its Polestar based performance cars, especially with its hybrid models.

The Volvo models that have received Polestar upgrades recently are the ones with the Drive ET4, T6, D4 and D5 engines.

Volvo has plans to double the number of Polestar cars that will be sold during the medium term.

Polestar, apart from delivering the Polestar XC90, will also be concentrating on developing Volvo's hybrid powerplants to make it deliver more performance and producing performance packages for existing Volvo models.

Håkan Samuelsson, Volvo boss said, "Driving a Volvo Polestar is a special experience. We have decided to bring this experience to more Volvo drivers, placing the full resources of Volvo behind the development of Polestar as the model name for our high performance cars."

The Polestar racing division however, will be under former Polestar owner Christian Dahl's control.

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