Jaguar Land Rover Looking At Producing Electric Vehicles In Austria

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British based automobile manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover is looking at new ways to innovate and introduce more products. Every manufacturer knows that the future of automobiles is alternate fuel sources. Jaguar Land Rover is planning production of electric vehiclesin Austria.

It is unclear if Jaguar Land Rover will go the completely electric route or opt for a hybrid option. Currently German luxury car manufacturer, BMW offers i3 and i8 vehicles, that are based on hybrid engines. American based Tesla Motors has successfully developed and launched their fully electric models.

jaguar electric vehicle

As part of their global expansion plans the manufacturer has finalised that it would set up a new facility in Austria. Jaguar Land Rover could use this assembly plant to build their all-new range of electric vehicles.

There are no confirmed plans as to if Jaguar Land Rover will build a completely new electric or hybrid vehicle. They could also develop a few of their existing models to run on alternate source of energy, thus saving money in development of an all new product.

Jaguar Land Rover plans on improving the environment we live in. The use of electric and hybrid vehicles is a step towards that goal. In 2016 Land Rover will introduce their very first convertible SUV, in the form of their Range Rover Evoque convertible model. There is no definite plan is to when they would introduce these new electric or hybrid vehicles in the market.

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