Ford Looking At Improving Efficiency On Its 1.0-Litre EcoBoost Engine

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Ford has won several awards for their revolutionary 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine that does duty in several of their vehicles. In India EcoBoost engine is offered only in their EcoSport model.

Now the American based manufacturer is exploring options of further improving its EcoBoost engine. Ford engineers want to better fuel efficiency of this award winning engine.

ford ecoboost efficiency

Engineers have introduced cylinder deactivation system and have experienced a six percent improvement in fuel efficiency. It was tested on-road in various conditions as an experiment project.

Andreas Schamel, Ford, Director, Global Powertrain, Research & Advanced Engineering, "Even for an aggressively downsized engine such as the 1.0-litre EcoBoost, a significant improvement in vehicle fuel economy could be found by exploiting cylinder deactivation."

ford ecoboost efficiency

He further added, The highest priority in the development of new combustion engines for automotive applications is the ongoing reduction of fuel consumption."

There is no timeline provided by Ford on the launch of this system in the market. They plan to add several more technologies, which will further improve their already fantastic EcoBoost engine.

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