British Businessman Buys Ultimate Collection Of Hypercars

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Three of the most desirable cars on earth at the moment are the LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and the Porsche 918 Spyder. Owning any one of them is a dream come true even for the wealthiest. But not for Paul Bailey.

Paul Bailey, a businessman from Rutland decided to buy all three of them. So one Saturday morning, Bailey walked to his McLaren P1 and drove straight to the Ferrari dealership and collected a LaFerrari, which he had eagerly been waiting for 2 years.

hyper car collection

Bailey and his wife then drove to a Porsche outlet and collected his 918 Spyder, and in a convoy, drove off. Like just another normal day.

All three cars are limited edition models, of which only 375 units of the McLaren P1 will be built, 499 units of the LaFerrari will be ever made and all 918 units of the 918 Spyder have been sold out.

laferrari owner

The three cars together have a combined power of 2,740 bhp, and every car is capable of accelerating from 0-60 mph in under 3 seconds and reach top speeds of more than 200 mph (321 km).

All three cars use electric motors with their petrol engines to boost performance and to return a fuel economy of up to 94 mpg.

mclaren p1 owner

Bailey, a multi millionaire, who sold his telephone conferencing business for £ 28 million in 2012, says these three supercars of his are "totally amazing".

porsche 918 spyder owner

As for his favourite car of the three, he says he still has to decide after he drives the cars a few times on a race track.

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