An Australian Company's Plan Of Building A Very Capable Electric Off-Roader

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An Australian company called Red Automotive, a start up has plans of launching an all electric SUV that is a very capable off-roader, that would shame other SUVs when taken off the tarmac.

The yet-to-be-named SUV will take some time to be launched since it is still in the early stages of development. What the company has aimed for though, is very ambitious.

The SUV will be powered by four electric motors, one at each wheel, mated to a two-speed gearbox. This motor or motors will help the SUV accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in 4 second and reach a top speed of 250km/h.

What makes it more interesting is that the SUV by Red Automotive will have a range of 190km and that can be extended to 1,200km by installing a regular internal combustion engine along with the electric motors. Also, the SUV will have a towing capacity of nearly 3,600kg.

The final production model may not look like the picture below, but specification wise and capability wise, looks might just have to take the rear seat.

Paul Van Der Loo, the founder of Red Automotive says that the SUV will be completely different compared to recent crossovers like the Tesla Model X, since it will be designed to be an off-roader. If finding funds goes according to plans, the SUV could go on sale for around USD 60,000 for the base model.

Red Automotive has plans to initially launch the SUV in Australia, and then slowly start selling it in the US, Europe and the Middle East a decade after.

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