What Is Better For A Small Car? LPG Or CNG?

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We all know that car buyers prefer to buy diesel cars more than petrol cars due to the high price of petrol. However, the small car segment, which is the biggest segment in the car market has very few diesel cars. Apart from the Chevrolet Beat there are no cars that can be considered as a small car and yet have a diesel engine.

So if people who want to buy a small car and avoid spending money on petrol, the options that are currently available are LPG and CNG. Both these fuels might seem to be similar to the common man but their dynamics are very different. Hence Drivespark is providing its readers a comparative analysis of these two fuels.

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Alike any two things that are being compared, both LPG and CNG have their own distinct properties, advantages and disadvantages. The buyer can choose any of these two fuels for their small considering the below discussed points.

We shall compare the two fuels on several aspects such as availability, performance, mileage, price, practicality etc.

Availability: CNG and LPG are not available as widely as petrol or diesel. However, both fuels are slowly getting increasingly available. While CNG is currently available only in certain Metros, LPG is available on many more cities.

Performance: One has to understand that a car's performance will definitely come down if you switch it from petrol to either CNG or LPG. While there is a 15% drop in power in CNG, LPG has a slightly better score at a 10% drop in power.

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Story first published: Friday, September 14, 2012, 14:45 [IST]
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