Why Must Your Car Have ABS?

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A car buyer usually considers a car's price, features, space and equipment levels before buying one. But we would like to shed light on another important factor that buyers must consider before making a purchase – Safety.

While cars available in the 90s and the early part of the 20th century did not have many safety features apart from the brakes, cars today come with a slew of safety features that will offer a peaceful drive. When one is able to spend so much on accessories just add to the visual brilliance of a car, a spending on safety equipment should not be avoided.

Although some safety features are not available as standard in some entry level models, buyers can opt for them. While there are certified safety devices available off the shelf in car showrooms, there are several internet sites that also specialize in such products.

One of the safety features that we will discuss today is ABS . ABS or anti lock braking system is a gadget that controls your car's brakes and prevent locking up of wheels even while braking. ABS was developed to prevent a car from sliding after brakes are applied at high speeds. The ABS will allow the wheels to move as per the requirement of the driver even while slowing down in a controlled manner.

ABS is also credited to have reduced stopping distances of cars. Stopping distance is the distance a car will travel after brakes are applied from a set speed. ABS will reduce stopping distances even on slippery road conditions.

ABS has seen continuous development and latest versions not only prevent wheel locking while braking but also control front to rear brake bias. This means whenever you apply the brake, the effort needed to stop the wheels is shared with the front and rear wheels according to required conditions.

ABS is a very important accessory for your car as well as your bike. Motorcycles in particular need ABS as they tend to skid more frequently than cars. Cars also tend to skid on slippery and wet conditions.

ABS is now a mandatory car part in the European Union while its is still optional in India. The ABS has been credited with reducing accidents by as much as 35 per cent in Australia. With India reporting by far the highest number of road accidents it is high time that Indian authorities also make the usage of ABS mandatory.

Story first published: Thursday, October 20, 2011, 15:17 [IST]
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