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Mahindra has been struggling to get a big piece of the pie in the scooter segment. For over a decade now, the Honda Activa has been dominating this market. From the looks of it, the Activa is going to dominate the 2016 sales chart as well.

Mahindra however, has plans to spoil the party with the introduction of the all-new Gusto 125cc.

Will the Gusto be able to take down the reigning Honda Activa's glistening throne? There's only one way to find out. Scooter on...


The Gusto is a small-bodied scooter with ample leg space. The overall styling is youthful, sporty and comes in four new unique colours: orange rush, monarch black, regal red and [a very odd-looking] bolt white.

A standout design feature is the meshed honeycomb louvres on the new front apron. Overall, the Gusto 125 is uncannily similar to the Gusto 110cc.


The 125cc M-tec engine is sprightly. The single cylinder, air-cooled engine produces 8.5bhp @ 7,000rpm and a maximum torque of 10Nm @ 5,500rpm.

The Gusto feels at home at mid-range speeds. On the mileage front, Mahindra did not disclose any figures; however, with a light-handed throttle, one can expect 40 - 45km/l in real world conditions. Overall, the power delivery is metered well, and the engine is vibe-free.


The 12-inch wheels with tubeless tyres, telescopic front suspension, and segment-best ground clearance (165mm) makes the Gusto pretty nifty through the corners.

The Gusto also does an admirable job of tackling road irregularities and uneven manhole covers. However, on the weighing scale, the Gusto 125 weighs in at 123kg compared to the Honda Activa's 110kg. The extra pounds could make the Gusto a tad bit unpopular with the fairer sex.

With a first-in-class seat height adjuster, the seating position is favourable and relaxed.


Equipped to address a broad range of needs from a remote flip key, an easy front kick, a halogen headlamp, find-me lamps to a seat height adjuster. These first-in-class features enhance the overall ride experience.

Comfortable riding position
Broad range of first-in-class features

More powerful acceleration off-the-line could make for a better ride


The Mahindra Gusto 125 has a unique combination of power, performance, style, and innovative features. However, we are not too sure if this is enough to uproot the Honda Activa.

What we know for sure is, Mahindra two-wheelers are making some noise with their innovative features and products such as the Mojo 300cc, and now the Gusto 125cc. If you'd like to scoot with Gusto, give this Mahindra scooter a try — as they say, they truly are "Kisi Se Kam Nahi."

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