Gullwinged Lincoln Navigator Concept Is A Land Yacht

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Lincoln have unveiled the humongous Navigator concept SUV. Inspired by yachts, the gullwinged Navigator concept sure seems to be the size of one.

lincoln navigator concept

Powering the land yacht that is the Navigator concept is a a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 engine delivering more than 400 horsepower.

The Navigator looks quite boxy and that seems to be its only downside. The front grille features an illuminated Lincoln star badge and is flanked on both sides by LED headlamps.

The rear is is flat and is dominated by Lincoln's signature full length taillamp which stretches across it.

To get into the Lincoln you need to open the massive gullwing doors found on each side and then step into the SUV through the deployable concertina steps.

Inside, there are 30-way adjustable seats which feature touchscreen displays at the back of the head restraints.

At the back of the car there is a custom wardrobe as well just to ensure that you are ready for any weather any time.

The Navigator concept previews the next Navigator SUV which will launch in 2017 without the crazy doors or the concertina steps.

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