2016 Auto Expo: Datsun Showcases Quirky Go Cross Concept Crossover

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Datsun are showcasing the Go Cross Concept crossover at their stall at the 2016 Auto Expo.

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The Datsun Go-Cross is based on the Go+ MPV and was first shown off at the 2015 Tokyo Auto Show. The concept features sharp angled projector headlights and round daytime running lights as well as a grey moulding and silver pseudo skid plates.

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Talking about the Datsun GO-cross Concept, Koji Nagano, Datsun Executive Design Director, said, "Although it is a pure show car at the moment, the Datsun GO-cross Concept is designed to meet the needs and preferences of a new generation of drivers. They are young, ambitious, fun-loving people who are ready to take the next step in their lives. It resonates well with this generation of youths who believe in pushing their boundaries and never giving up on their dreams."

The production variant of the Go-Cross is expected to launch in India this year, though the wait could go on till 2017.

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