Ford Survey Reveals Wrong Beliefs Of Indian Drivers

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Ford Motor Company has conducted a survey which covered 9,500 drivers in 11 countries of Asia Pacific region and 1,023 were respondents from India. Indian drivers were asked about their driving habits and fuel efficiency knowledge and the findings are quite startling.

Nearly 95 percent claimed they knew how to drive the car for maximum fuel efficiency and 96 percent said they make a conscious effort to drive efficiently on a daily basis. Here are the findings from the survey.

Harsh Acceleration or Braking Reduce Fuel Efficiency

Nearly 40 percent of the Indian drivers believe by accelerating or braking hard isnot a problem and will not affect the fuel efficiency. However, the fact is aggressive driving - like taking off quickly or braking harshly - is a major offender in fuel consumption.

Keep Engine Running While Idling Reduces Fuel Economy

Almost 26 percent of the Indian drivers think that by keeping the engine running while idling saves fuel. The fact is turning off the engine and restarting the engine again is actuallythe efficient way of consuming fuel.

Cruise Control Increases Fuel Efficiency

About 78 percent of the Indian drivers are unaware the benefits of cruise control in their car. As a matter of fact, cruise control maintains aconstant speed and in turn helps the fuel efficiency as there is not faster acceleration or braking.

Unaware How To Use GPS

Only 27 percent know how to use the GPS navigation system for the quickest route. But the fact is both the time and money can be saved by checking the GPS and take the most economical route to the destination.

Driving In Hilly Region Decreases Fuel Economy

About 52 percent of the Indian drivers did not know that driving in ahilly region affects the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. As per the survey, a long drive on the mountains consumes more fuel than driving on a flat or a straight road. Driving especially on an uphill uses more fuel for that extra power.

Weather Affects Fuel Efficiency

Many of the Indian drivers were unaware that weather conditionsbe it cold or hot, it affects the overall fuel efficiency of the vehicle. The factis that cold weather can reduce the fuel economy significantly as the engine will take longer to reach the most efficient temperature. Even during warm weather conditions, the car air conditioner needs to be used economically.

Weight Affects Fuel Consumption

Any excess in weight being carried in the vehicle can have a significant impact on the fuel efficiency. With an increase of 20kg or more can reduce the fuel economy by about one percent.

Regular Services Helps Fuel Efficiency

One out of three Indian drivers were unaware that regular drive to the service centre and servicing the vehicle helps save fuel. Also, more than half (58 percent) were unaware that regular tyre pressure check can help save fuel efficiency.

With the above survey findings, there is an exposure to what needs to be looked into when to comes to fuel efficiency. With good driving habits, there is the above analysis to help save fuel on your vehicle.

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 29, 2016, 18:07 [IST]
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