This Electric Scooter Has A Range of 300km & A Top Speed Of 200km/h

Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer Horwin has revealed the Senmeti 0 electric scooter at EICMA 2022. The Horwin Senmeti 0 has a claimed range of 300km.

The Horwin Senmeti 0 electric scooter's range is thanks to a massive (for a scooter/bike) 16.5kWh battery pack that gives it the headline-grabbing range number. Horwin claims the Senmeti 0 can achieve its 300km range while averaging speeds of 88km/h.

The Horwin Senmeti features a 400V electric architecture for extremely fast charging speeds. Horwin claims that the Senmeti 0 can charge up its battery pack from 0 to 80 per cent in just 30 minutes when plugged into a compatible fast DC charger.

The Horwin Senmeti 0's battery pack can also be used to power electrical devices. The Senmeti 0's battery pack can also be used to charge up other electric vehicles.

The Horwin Senmeti also has some rather punchy performance numbers. Horwin claims the Senmeti 0 offers 600Nm of wheel torque though the peak power output has not been revealed.

The Senmeti 0 will sprint from 0-100km/h in just 2.8 seconds and will continue accelerating until it tops out at 200km/h. The Senmeti 0 also offers 3 different ride modes - Standard, Rain and Sport.

The new Horwin Senmeti 0 offers a three-level adjustable air suspension setup which helps it deal with changeable road conditions. The Senmeti 0 offers ABS and a traction control system to prevent slippage and improve stability.

The Senmeti 0 offers touchless start with three key-free modes and owners can start the electric scooter using Bluetooth, NFC and the app. The Senmeti 0 also offers Blind Spot Detection and Collision Warning system along with Hill Descent Control, Hill-Start Assist, Auto Hold, Scene Recognition and Sentry Mode.

Other features on the Senmeti 0 electric scooter from Horwin include heated seat and handlebars along with an adjustable backrest and a hidden one for the rear passenger.

Thoughts About The Horwin Senmeti 0

The Horwin Senmeti 0 offers an astounding range and bonkers top speed thanks to a large battery pack and a rather powerful electrical architecture. While we wish this electric scooter would come to India, chances of that happening seem very slim.

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Article Published On: Wednesday, November 16, 2022, 11:45 [IST]
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