Vehicle Scrapping Policy To Cover Two-Wheelers Also

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The voluntary vehicle scrapping policy that was proposed in Delhi will cover all old vehicles, including two-wheelers. Those willing to retire old vehicles will get incentives and tax rebates for buying new vehicles.

vehicle scrapping policy to cover two wheelers

The proposal was confirmed by Nitin Gadkari, the Minister of Road Transport and Highways.

Times Of India has learnt that the ministry is taking a final decision on proposing a percentage of tax rebate or fix an amount so that the Finance Ministry can take a call.

According to a few estimates, the pollution caused by one BS-I vehicle is equal to the same amount of pollution caused by 11 new vehicles. One BS-II vehicle causes enough pollution as 7 to 8 new vehicles. Also found was that 60 percent of pollution is caused by heavy vehicles.

The two-wheeler segment is given importance because they are sold in huge numbers. Almost 80 percent of new vehicles sold annually are two-wheelers and they will continue to be sold in the same manner.

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