Uber To Launch Bike Taxi In Bangalore

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Uber, the cab aggregator will launch the bike taxi in Bangalore on Thursday and the company is pricing it lower than the humble auto-rickshaw.

The cost to ride the UberMoto is Rs. 3-5 per km, besides the minimum fare and per minute fare which is common in the cab aggregator. Ola has launched the fare competitively at Rs. 2 per km as an introductory fare and can be booked through the Ola app.

The service is targeted for the last mile connectivity, this is could benefit in the severely congested city like Bangalore. Uber is calling UberMoto, which debuted in Bangkok about ten days ago. Rival Ola has launched the services today in Bangalore.

Pranay Jivrajka, the Chief Operating Officer of Ola said, "We are excited to launch the pilot of Bike Taxis in Bangalore today. This will help users get to where they want to be within minutes, especially in traffic-prone cities like ours."

The motive of the bike taxi is mainly driven by the lack of public transport in the city of Bangalore and this could help commuters reach their destination in time compared a four-wheeler or even a three-wheeler.

There is no confirmation from the transport department on the regulation of such services, however, cab aggregators did find it difficult initially when they launched the car taxi's. However, due to the unprecedented demand from the public for such services, it has been regulated and has been in great demand ever since.

Time will tell if this will work within the perspective of safety and time bound transport in the congested traffic in the city like Bengaluru.

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