Spero's E-Bikes Are Available Once Again, Grab Yours Before The Rest Of The Crowd

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After achieving great success with the first round of crowdfunding, electric bike manufacturer Spero has started down the same route again for another round of E-Bikes.

Spero's E-Bike is India's first ever crowdfunded Electric Bike and the price range starts at Rs. 29,999 for the base bike while the top of the line bike costs Rs. 47,999. The bikes can be preordered at fuelyourdream.com, a Bangalore based crowdfunding website.

spero ebike

Spero Ebike is now available in three different variants: E30, E60, and E100. While the E30 and E100 are for men, the E60 can be used by both men and women. 

The E30 can be ridden for 30 kilometres on a single charge while the E60 doubles the range to 60 kilometres. The top of the line E100 can keep on going for up to 100 kilometres on a single charge. 

All three bikes use a 48V Lithium-ion battery to provide power to a 250W brushless, geared electric motor. Spero's E-Bikes can recover up to 80 percent of their charge with two hours of charge. However, if you want to fully charge up your bike, the total charging time rises by another two hours.

The bikes also recharge the battery through regeneration when you pedal hard or when you hit the single brake at the front (a disc brake).

The Spero has a top speed 25km/h and will reach that speed in just 10 seconds. The bike weighs in at just 24 kilograms and has a load carrying capacity of 100 kilograms. However, if you are riding along, do avoid any potholes you see as the rear suspension is non-existent.

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